Winter Box

express faux leather leggings / blaque label blazer

I got this faux fur scarf a couple years ago before going to NYC during the winter, and I only wore it there and put it in my winter box thats been hiding away since and completely forgot about it. I recently found the box and went through it and saw so many Winter items that I could have used on trips over the past year, like when I went to the French Alps and had to buy a skiing jacket there- found three in the box... I pulled out the fur and made an outfit for Bogota which is pretty cold right now!
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  1. This definitely shows the superiority of such a great lady. love the bag contrasting color

  2. Love this look!


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  4. Wow fantastic winter dress!!! I'm finding such matching style. You bring it out. Thank you very much. you are looking so nice, keep up to post in regular basis. I love to go through your Dress and Style.....

  5. Good sharing, i also really chiffon dress,and i usually wear it in summer,not only beautiful but also convenient,i always buy mine at here.


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